Notes for week 5 – Tuesday and Thursday


Wire framing and box model demo


Wire frames, prototypes, and mock-ups are all a part of webdesign and each one serves a particular purpose in the step by step design of a website. Wire frames are the first step. They are a low fidelity representation of a design that shows the main groups of content, the structure of information, and a basic visualization of user-interface interaction. They are important because it sets up the entire design of an entire website and are used by a design team to communicate ideas with one another.

The second step is the prototype. A prototype is a middle to high fidelity representation of the final design. It allows for testing of a design in a way that is similar to what the finished site will look and act like. It is used for testing to check user interface.

The third and final step is the mock-up. This is a static way to test a design. It represents the entire site and the basic features. It is used to encourage review of visual elements, such as getting feedback from clients, if you are working in a professional setting, for example.


Box Model Demo

The box mode demo is a 3D represention of what a finished website will look like. It has each layer of a website fits together. It shows the things that we have discussed in class such as margin, background color, padding, and boarders.



links & infor for “Contact Us” page

Office Address

2179 Everett Road
Peninsula, Ohio 44264
Phone: 330-657-2542
Fax: 330-657-2198

Darwin Kelsey, Executive Director
330-657-2542, ext. 221

Tracy Emrick, Core Partnership Manager
330-657-2542, ext. 223

Beth Knorr, Director of Markets
330-657-2542, ext. 224

Erin Molnar, Farmers’ Market Manager
330-657-2542, ext. 226

Brian Reitz, Development Director
330-657-2542, ext. 222

Questions – email Markus

When we design our concepts in Photoshop, do we have to have our whole site laid out or can we just have three different designs of the same page?

Do I need to put the site map at the bottom of the page as well as the top or is that a design decision that could go either way?