Project 2 research – examples of portfolios I like

Articles with multiple portfolios -also has tips for building your own online portfolio


Article with tips about building an online portfolio


Anderson Photo –

  • clean, simple design, but still interesting
  • examples of how I could use unordered list for a portfolio

Fredrik Clement –

  • Another clean, simple design. It was not made with an unordered list, but something similar could be done using one.

Koen Demuynck

  • This is probably way beyond my skill level overall, but I like the idea of having the background mostly taken up by a photograph.

Grant Ordelheide

  • The photos are the main focus of the home page, this is good because it pulls the viewer in

Julia Fullerton-Batten

  • I love the home page! It is very dynamic and draws the viewer in. Then the other pages, though are connected by design, are simpler and could be done as an unordered list.

Zach Gold –

  • I like that the navigation menu is minimal and that the focus is definitely on the photographs.

Tobias Zeising –

  • There are only a few links on the homepage. You have to click a link to see more. I like this because it keeps the homepage uncluttered and engages viewer interest.

Sophie Thouvenin –

  • I like the combo of text and pictures to create the navigation menu
  • The other pages are clean and simple, could easily be created using an unordered list

Clayton Cubitt

  • I like the design and that you have to scroll down to see more. It makes it ore interesting than a static page.

Loretta Lux –

  • The homepage is clean and simple
  • The thumbnails on subsequent pages are different shapes, makes it interesting






examples of website design for mobile devices

I use a mobile device all the time, but usually am paying attention to content, not design. Fortunately, Google exists! I found these pics of a single website designed to be usable on several devices, as well as some websites with designs made specifically for mobile devices. This gives me a good idea where to start with my own design.